21 Apr 2020 4:03 PM +00:00 UTC

Marvel Studios Reportedly Replacing Black Panther With Namor

It might sound ridiculous, but a preposterous rumor about Marvel planning to cancel Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther has started making the rounds online.

Earlier this month, a video revealed just how much weight the Black Panther star lost after battling with a medical issue. While it sparked concern for the Marvel star, it seems like Boseman's weight loss has also sparked rumors that Marvel would be relieving the actor of his station and that they'd be replacing Black Panther with Namor instead.

According to a report by Cosmic Book News, a source close to Marvel has leaked information saying that Marvel is unhappy with Boseman's current state of health and the studio is planning to replace Black Panther with Namor.


"Namor will replace Black Panther as the premiere black hero, with Atlantis being made up of sub-saharans who integrated with the original Atlanteans (lending more weight to Kilmonger's famous epitaph)," the leaker told the entertainment news outlet.

It's an outrageous rumor, that's for sure. Black Panther has been a fan-favorite character ever since he appeared in Captain America: Civil War. Marvel fans loved the Black Panther movie – not only did the film serve as T'Challa's very first standalone film, it broke ground as Marvel's very first predominantly black comic book movie.

Black Panther was a major game-changer for Marvel. The studio would be crazy to replace Boseman as Black Panther and have Namor lead the way.

The studio would probably just have to wait for Boseman to get better and fill out again.

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