Marvel Studios Reportedly Adapting Fan-Favorite Avengers Storyline

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Kevin Feige and company have yet to announce the next big crossover event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but fans have actively been theorizing about it for the last three years. Feige has previously stated that Avengers: Endgame marked the true end of the Avengers film franchise but a new rumor seems to suggest that's not the actual case and if anything, the Earth's Mightiest Heroes will continue to rule the MCU, despite other groups like the X-Men and Fantastic Four set to make their arrival in Earth-616.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Now, it looks like the next Avengers film will put the spotlight on the franchise's next generation of heroes. According to a new scoop from Twitter insider MyTimeToShineHello, Marvel Studios is actively developing a live-action project based on the Children's Crusade storyline. The said arc, originally published in 2010 revolves around Wiccan and his reality-warping powers spiraling out of his control. The beloved comic puts major emphasis on the Young Avengers with Scarlet Witch also serving as one of the main characters.

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As it stands, nothing has been officially confirmed yet so of course, you should take this one with a grain of salt despite the insider being considered a reputable source. But the idea of Marvel Studios bringing the Young Avengers to the big screen doesn't seem farfetched at all as they've already planted the seeds for their arrival since WandaVision.

Elizabeth Olsen reprises her role as the Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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