Marvel Studios is NOT Attending Comic-Con@Home

Comic-Con@home is going to be a huge event for us geeks and is a nice compromise, given the current situation happening around the world. Shows like E3 have shown how successful live streams can be and we're interested in seeing all the big news coming from our favorite comic book publishers and studios. Unfortunately, Marvel Studios will not be one of those studios showcasing anything as the company seemingly has no major news to show.

According to, the lone piece of Marvel representation is something related to Hulu's Helstrom series, which is expected to run for one season. It really is a shame that we won't be seeing anything massive from Marvel Studios right now, which likely has to do with their movies (and everyone else's) continuously getting delayed.

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Credit: San Diego Comic-Con

This is a bit odd since the studio could have gotten away with quick previews of Eternals and Shang-Chi since fans have seen nothing from these movies. Sure, we have some quotes from the actors but it would be nice to see them in costume shooting out lasers or something. We also wouldn't be too surprised if Disney was planning their own showcase since the company does have D23.

Since no big plans for D23 have been announced, we can assume that there are plans for some kind of online show that will revolve around Marvel, Star Wars, and all things Disney. This is just some mindless speculation and we're sure they'll announce an online stream with a completely different name.

Comic-Con@home starts next week from July 22 to July 26.

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