Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige Offers Huge Update on His Star Wars Project

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Credit: Lucasfilm

Kevin Feige has proven his capabilities as the driving force of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for well over a decade now and when you think about it, he has nothing left to prove in the comic book film realm. This is why the Marvel Studios boss will be shifting his focus over to the Star Wars universe as he's set to produce an upcoming feature film in the franchise. As it stands, we know very little about the project Feige is working on and it'll be interesting to see how he would fare outside of the MCU.

Feige is not someone who is known for spilling the tea regarding the projects he's working on but when asked about it during an interview with Collider, the MCU patriarch confirmed that his Star Wars film is currently "in the works, in progress." The producer also shared that the project he's doing isn't going to involve a certain nerf-herder by the name of Han Solo. "It's not about Han Solo. Han Solo is not in it, though."

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We don't know for sure if it means that he's gearing up for filming soon but given his priorities over at the MCU, it's extremely likely that he'll officially begin production on his Star Wars project next year. Mad props to Feige for stepping out of his comfort zone because when you think about it, Star Wars is a completely different territory and it will surely be a test of just how good Feige actually is as a producer.

Meanwhile, the Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.

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Credit: marvel entertainment