24 Feb 2020 1:09 PM +00:00 UTC

Marvel Rumored To Be Taking Over DC Comics

AT&T fired writer, editor, and publisher Dan Didio from DC Comics last week, cutting off the vice president of the comic book publication from the company after decades of service.

Now, there's a major rumor going around saying that Marvel and Kevin Feige may end up taking over DC Comics in the wake of Didio's forced departure. According to Cosmic Book News, AT&T is currently contemplating cutting itself off from publication. The company is considering farming out DC Comics, possibly to DC Comics.

While AT&T doesn't want to sell DC Comics, it no longer wants to handle matters dealing with the comic book publication.


Apparently, the company wasn't happy with DiDio's attempt at rebooting DC Comics with his upcoming "5G" event. This would be the fifth generation reboot of DC which would provide fans with a "contemporary" take on classic DC characters. DiDio reportedly butted heads with Batman comic book writer Scott Snyder over the big DC reboot. Snyder didn't want his comics involved in "5G" and the fight between the two caused problems over at DC Comics.

AT&T reportedly doesn't want to proceed with the 5G reboot either. The studio already has too much at stake with the current iteration of DC's heroes involved in DC's movies and television shows.

Reports of Marvel taking over DC Comics seems a bit ludicrous. It's possible that these rumors have started to spread so that AT&T can test the waters and see fans' reactions to the news.

What do you think? Should Marvel continue publishing DC comics? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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