Marvel Reveals the Scariest Version of Thanos Yet

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Thanos has always been a pretty scary fellow, as most fans who've seen Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame can attest to. He's just as fearsome in the comics, due to his scarily fierce loyalty to Death, along with that lust for power that will never escape him. It seems a bit obvious to most people that The Infinity Gauntlet is his most powerful weapon since this has the power to change reality to its user's whims.

Well, Thor #6 just came out and told fans what's more powerful than an Infinity Gauntlet. An Infinity Hammer. If you're wondering what that looks like, it's basically just Mjolnir with all the Infinity Stones on it, which is ridiculously powerful, to say the least.

After killing Galactus to destroy The Black Winter (ya'll really need to start reading Thor), the fallen villain asks Thor if he wants to see how he dies. When Thor agrees he is haunted with a vision that isn't seen until the very end and it's cool as hell. The image is of Thanos with the previously-mentioned Infinity Hammer leading an army of dead Marvel superheroes, which is probably teasing a big Marvel event for the future.

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Credit: Marvel Comics

It's clear that this just might be the strongest weapon Thanos will ever wield, assuming that it ever comes to life. Obviously, they are going to make this vision of the future happen since the image is too cool not to like and would make for one hell of a comic book. You could argue that it will be more metal than Dark Knights: Metal but let's not get into comparisons.


Thor #6 is now available in comic book stores.


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