Marvel Reportedly Planning to Introduce Multiple X-Men Groups Into The MCU

It's been quite a while since Disney completed its acquisition of 21st Century Fox's film and television assets, however, Marvel has yet to announce its plans for the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool, and the rest of Fox's mutant heroes.

While Marvel busies itself with preparations for Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, rumors about the X-Men continue to circulate online. One of the most recent reports suggest that Marvel may have plans for more than one group of X-Men to appear in the MCU.

According to a report by We Got This Covered, sources say that Marvel's current plan for the X-Men franchise is to introduce the mutants and then have a series of spinoffs for various other groups that came from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Apparently, Marvel wants to launch a franchise within a franchise, featuring multiple mutant teams across the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While this might seem like a daunting task, we know what Marvel is capable of. The studio managed to turn an obscure cosmic group like the Guardians of the Galaxy into a household name. What more for the various mutant groups in the X-Men comic book franchise that have long since had a following?

Examples of these groups that have splintered off from the X-Men are the X-Factor, X-Club, Generation X, X-Force, Excalibur, and many, many others.

Of course, as with all rumors, we advise fans to take the report with a grain of salt. We have to wait for Marvel to announce its official plans for the X-Men – after all, the studio has yet to introduce the mutants into the MCU.

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