Marvel Reportedly Hoping to Cast Breaking Bad Actor as a Major MCU Villain

It looks like Marvel might be adding a Breaking Bad actor in its roster of stars.

According to a report by We Got This Covered, sources say that Marvel is thinking of bringing in Breaking Bad and Better Got Soul actor in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While these sources aren't entirely sure what role Marvel want to give the actor, the report says that the studio is hoping to turn Odenkirk into a Marvel villain.

The sources behind the report says that their best guess for Odenkirk is that the studio is hoping to hire the actor as Dario Agger.

For those who aren't familiar with the character, the villain Dario Agger is the president of the corporate organization, Roxxon Corporation. While he's a human in the company, Agger is also known to be the Minotaur, a shape-shifting baddie with superhuman strength and endurance.

Knowing Odenkirk's acting prowess, Marvel would be lucky to have the actor join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We could think of the other roles that the actor could play outside of Dario though.

Marvel fans have been hoping that the actor might play the popular Spider-Man villain Norman Osborn/ Green Goblin. Seeing how Disney's already come to an agreement with Sony about extending Tom Holand's stay in the MCU, we don't see any reason for Marvel not to think of bringing Norman Osborn into the next Spider-Man movie. Who wouldn't want to see Stormin' Norman, especially if Odenkirk were to play the part?

Black Widow is set to premiere on November 6, 2020.

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