Marvel Producer Shares Update on Moon Knight Season Two

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Marvel's expansion to the streaming service Disney+ is apparently the company's most successful venture. From Loki's massive streaming records to WandaVision's Emmy Nominations, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is dominating the streaming world with Disney+. Now that Marvel's new addition to the Disney+ series slate is an inch away from its release, it looks like Marvel will replicate those triumphs with the debut of Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight.

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While some previous series from Disney+ like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, and WandaVision dive into a deeper understanding of the existing character, Moon Knight will be the first-ever series that will introduce a new MCU character.

While plans for Moon Knight remain undisclosed at this point, fans wondered what's next for Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector after its debut, including if there's a possibility for a season two.

Marvel Studios creative and Moon Knight producer Grant Curtis sat down in an interview with Collider to discuss the possibility of a second season:

“What I will say is this: because we delve into so many interesting tones in the tapestry we eventually weave together with this show, the action-adventure globetrotting, the bump in the night horror aspects of it, the mental health character study, the humor, I do think wherever [Marvel President] Kevin [Feige] wants this character to go in the future, I don’t think there’s any corner in the MCU that that Moon Knight cannot inhabit naturally. And that is a testament not only to the character on the page, but the character that Oscar Isaac brings to the screen.”

Regardless of the second season's development, the producer wants to work again with the "amazing cast" to join him in any Moon Knight-related projects. Curtis explained, “I would take this amazing cast with me. And if it can’t be this cast in the future: People, and artists-men, and crafts-women, who are at the top of their game, just like Oscar [Isaac], Ethan [Hawke] and May [Calamawy] are. That makes my job so much easier when these actors."

Curtis then praised the three lead stars for Moon Knight, saying that he doesn't see them as actors, but instead as storytellers. "I gotta say this too, I don’t look at Oscar and May or Ethan as actors. I look at them as storytellers and the paintbrush they paint with is acting. The dedication they brought to this was just invigorating and it helped after being on this show for well over a year and a half. By the time they came aboard, I needed that B12 shot and they brought it, so that’s what I would really take with me: I would take this cast. And if it can’t be this particular cast, one that brings the same dedication to it and obviously that dedication on the director’s end as well. It just makes my life so much easier.”

Every Disney+ series is just the beginning for every character in the MCU. WandaVision's Wanda is now set for the upcoming Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier's Sam Wilson is set to wear the Captain America Mantle, teasing a Captain America 4 project, it wouldn't be surprising if we see Moon Knight in either a second season or other MCU projects.

However, the lead star Oscar Isaac called Moon Knight a "limited series", hinting that the series will be a one-season show. Regardless of the possibility of a second season, Moon Knight can join other MCU characters or could team up with the Midnight Sons, which Oscar Isaac also expressed interest in.

Moon Knight premieres on March 30, Wednesday, on Disney+.

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