Is Marvel Going to Make Movies for Disney+? Here's What the MCU Producer Has to Say

Disney+ has become a great avenue for Marvel Studios to expand the MCU franchise as they now have an opportunity to produce original TV shows and special presentations for the streamer and develop more projects focusing on other characters that didn't receive their own spotlight in the theatrical films.

Even as they venture into streaming, theatrical feature films are still the bread and butter for Marvel Studios as they continue to make more projects for the big screen and are still going to be their main focus even with the various TV projects that are also in the works.

As the studio is now working on projects in both the theatrical landscape and streaming, some fans are wondering whether Marvel will eventually make feature films exclusively for Disney+ and skip their usual gigantic theatrical release. However, it looks like that won't happen at all.

In a recent interview with Deadline, Marvel Studios executive Nate Moore, who also co-produced some of their projects such as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Eternals, was asked whether they have plans to make MCU films exclusively for Disney+, but he shot down the idea.

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"No, I mean… and Kevin [Feige], we all are, we’re huge fans of the theatrical experience. And one of the benefits of us being able to do Disney+ series frankly, is that they can co-exist," he said.

"The series can be on your service and the movies can be in theaters. And that’s something we would like to preserve for as long as we can. And Disney’s been supportive, which is great."

It is not surprising to hear that Marvel has no plans to do feature films for Disney+ since they've always been champions of the theatrical experience even as they venture into streaming. Besides, making projects for the streamer also has budget restrictions, unlike theatrical films where they can go as grand as they want.

In addition, the special presentation format has also become their way to make a "mini-movie" for streaming and explore more creative avenues that they don't usually do on a big screen project. For now, we should look forward to stick with their usual traditions and formats that they're doing at the moment.

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