Marvel Hires Chinaka Hodge as Head Writer For Iron Man Spin-off Disney+ Series

Marvel and Disney+ are on a roll with the recent series that they have released. WandaVision made buzz every time an episode was released. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier led to open debates on issues that really affect today's society. The next Marvel series that will be coming to the streaming platform is Loki and many others are set to follow.

Another Marvel series being worked on is Ironheart. Marvel Studio has hired screenwriter Chinaka Hodge to be the head writer for the upcoming Ironheart Disney+ series. Hodge is a screenwriter, playwright, poet, and educator. He has written for Apple TV+'s reboot of Amazing Stories and the TNT series Snowpiercer. This new development shows that the series is in development. Ironheart will star Dominique Thorne to play the role of Riri Williams.

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Riri Williams is a 15-year old genius in engineering. She has created the most advanced suit of armor ever since Iron Man was able to do it. In the Marvel comics, Williams goes to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she was able to develop her suit similar to an armor suit.

Her ability caught the attention of Tony Stark who supports her efforts while helping her grow in the comics. Now that Stark is dead in the MCU, the series might take a different direction and bring in a new mentor who will guide her.

There is no confirmed release date but Ironheart is currently in development.

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