Marvel Games VP Wants to Make a Daredevil Video Game

Ever since Batman: Arkham Asylum came out, fans have actually been more open to superhero video games actually being pretty good. The past few years have been more than solid for the genre, with Marvel's Spider-Man, Batman: Arkham Knight, and all of the Lego games showing us how it's done. As we wait for Marvel's Avengers to (hopefully) blow us away, Marvel Games VP Bill Rosemann and voice actor Troy Baker seemingly teased fans with a Daredevil game announcement.

Unfortunately, Rosemann went to Twitter and apologized for the tease, claiming that there is no Daredevil video game in development but saying that he does want to make one with Baker. It's a bit disappointing but at the same time, if someone in Rosemann's position wants a particular Marvel video game to happen, there's a good chance that it will indeed happen.

Aside from a 2003 movie tie-in game for the Game Boy Advance and a canceled Gamecube title, Daredevil has mostly made appearances in games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance and the Lego games, along with the free-to-play mobile titles. Admittedly, he is pretty fun to use in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and his Defenders costume is pretty sick but that's the closest we're going to get to see him in a solo game.

Honestly, a Daredevil video game wouldn't be too different from Marvel's Spider-Man or Batman: Arkham Asylum, which isn't a bad thing. Daredevil is a master combat specialist and relies on his enhanced senses to get by so mixing up fighting and stealth would be far from the worst idea ever. We just need a way to make all of Matt Murdock's gimmicks into a fun game.

Don't expect a Daredevil video game anytime soon. If you want to play as DD and other Marvel characters, pick up Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on the Switch.

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