Marvel Fans Want Transgender Activist Dominique Jackson as MCU’s New Storm

Last week, word came out that music legend Beyonce was in talks with Marvel for a role in Black Panther 2, and while the report has yet to confirmed, there have been rumors suggesting that Marvel may be planning to cast the singer as the Marvel Cinematic Universe's new Storm.

While Beyonce would definitely offer additional star power to the MCU, fans have been expressing their dislike over the possibility of having the legendary singer play X-Men's Storm. Not only are fans questioning Beyonce's ability to act, but it seems like they'd rather much have a darker-skinned actress to take on the role.

Instead of Beyonce, the Marvel fanbase seems to have another name in mind – Pose actress and transgender activist, Dominique Jackson.

Marvel fans have a new petition up on asking Marvel to consider Jackson for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's new Storm, and it looks like the campaign's gotten quite a number of signatures.

"Fans of the X-Men's Storm finally deserve to see an on-screen version of her that matches the strong black woman leader we grew up with from the comic books," the petition description reads.

According to petition leader Javier Enriquez, Jackson would be the perfect actress to play Storm because of her experience as a transgender women and as an activist for LGBTQ rights.

"Ms. Jackson knows what it's like to feel to be an outcast only to find strength in community. Ms. Jackson's journey has all the makings of a true X-men, compassion, nerve, and leadership," the description continues.

Jackson got wind of the petition and offered her thanks to the Marvel community.

Taking to Instagram, the actress put up a post thanking everyone for their confidence in her acting skills and in her ability to uplift and empower others.

You can check out the post down here:

While there might be other big-name actresses out there to fill in the role of Storm, we do admit that Jackson would be a great fit for the role. What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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