Marvel Fans Reignite Movement to Oust Chris Pratt from the MCU

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Chris Pratt continues his streak as Marvel fans' "least favorite Chris" after his alleged homophobic views became the subject of controversy yet again. To those unaware, the Guardians of the Galaxy actor has been facing allegations since 2019 after fans learned that the church he attends "espouses" views that are against the LGBTQ+ community. It even got him into a brief dispute with The Umbrella Academy star Elliot Page who called out Pratt during the height of the issue.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Pratt has since denied that he is Anti-LGBTQ+ and to be fair, apart from the church issue, the actor has never said anything explicit or derogatory against the community. Still, a lot of people are convinced that he's in fact homophobic and it's been an ongoing subject on social media over the last couple of years.

Now that Pratt is back in the MCU limelight, the issue has once again been revisited and fans have reignited the call to have him removed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a viral post, Twitter user @themeghanlodon_ urged Marvel Studios to replace Pratt with Patrick Wilson who many believe resembles the Star-Lord actor.

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Mad props to Pratt for keeping his cool despite being dragged into a sensitive matter. We don't know for sure when this whole "canceling" of the actor will end but one thing's for certain, he's a victim of rumors and misinformation.

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently slated for release on July 8, 2022.

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