Marvel Fans Point Out Critics' Choice Awards' Error for Using the 'Wrong' Avengers Photo

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On Sunday night, Avengers: Endgame won the award for Best Action Movie at the 25th Annual Critics' Choice Awards. This is definitely exciting news for Marvel fans and its definitely something that'll get them hyped up. However, some fans can't help but divert their attention to the awards show's mistake.

Taking to Twitter, the Critics' Choice Awards' official Twitter account shared a congratulatory image to announce the movie's big win. However, they actually used a photo from Joss Whedon's The Avengers instead of using a still from Endgame.


Fans are then quick to point out the error, with others just being casual about it, while others are replying with correct still images from the highest-grossing film. You can check out some of the fans' reactions below:


That being said, although the still is from the Avengers movie, some fans did point out that the shot is technically in Endgame, which means the awards show didn't necessarily use the wrong photo. Well, regardless of the photo used, at the end of the day, some fans think it's best to focus on the award that the movie actually got than the photo the awards show used.

On another note, Endgame got nominated for Best Visual Effects in the 92nd Oscars which is set to air on February 9. Some fans were surprised that the movie only got one nomination but they are very much excited to see what the future has in store for the film.

Avengers: Endgame is already available to stream on Disney+.

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