Marvel Fans Don’t Think Brie Larson Deserves an Oscar for Avengers: Endgame

Disney has been busy campaigning for Avengers: Endgame at next year's Academy Awards and the studio just recently updated its list of categories it's pushing for. Not only is the Mickey Mouse House pushing Iron Man actor for the Best Actor award, but it's also pushing Captain Marvel star Brie Larson for Best Supporting Actress.

However, while Marvel fans enjoyed the actress' portrayal of Marvel's strongest Avenger, many don't really believe that Larson deserves an Oscar for being in Endgame.

Taking to social media to respond to Disney's Oscar push, Marvel fans have been discussing the Mickey Mouse House's decision to pitch Larson for the Best Supporting Actress award at next year's Oscars, and many believe that the Marvel star doesn't really deserve the award. Captain Marvel did very little in Endgame, appearing in the film for only about ten minutes or so of screentime.

Check out some of the fans' posts down here:

It definitely seems odd that Disney's pushing Larson for the Best Supporting Actress award considering her limited appearance in Endgame. Sure, she might be the strongest Avenger, but heroes like Karen Gillan's Nebula had better arcs in the movie than Carol Danvers.

Perhaps Disney is trying to make up for the fact that it isn't pushing Captain Marvel for any awards at the Oscars. Perhaps Disney is trying to recognize Carol Danvers as the new face of the MCU.

What do you think? Should Larson be considered for an Academy Award for her work in Endgame? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment below.

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