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Marvel Fans Celebrate Loki Being Canonically Bisexual

The latest episode of Loki was truly a treat as we learned more about the mysterious fugitive Variant. However, there's another reason why fans are celebrating Episode 3. Marvel fans can't get enough of Lamentis confirming Loki's sexuality and making it canon.

In Loki Episode 3, the God of Mischief tries to take down the Variant but they are threatened by Judge Renslayer. Loki then uses the Variant's stolen TemPad so they can escape and they end up on the doomed moon Lamentis.

To find an ideal power source for the TemPad, Loki and the Variant, whose name has been revealed to be Sylvie, board a train headed for the spaceship Ark that is set to evacuate the moon. On their way, the two starts talking and at one point, Sylvie questions Loki about the people he had been with. Interestingly, Loki admits that he has been with men and women then points out that Sylvie might be the same.

Sylvie doesn't deny it so it's pretty much confirmed that both Loki Variants are bisexual. The obvious confirmation didn't go unnoticed and fans were quick to celebrate the fact that Loki's sexuality is now canon.

People have long suspected that Loki is bisexual considering that the character is genderfluid. However, fans were still delighted that his sexuality (and that of his Variant) have been confirmed and made canon.

Loki Episode 3 also concluded with the two Variants being stuck on Lamentis after the TemPad was destroyed and the Ark exploded before it could even leave the moon. Will they manage to escape this apocalypse? The truth will be revealed next week.

The latest episode of Loki is titled Lamentis. Episode 3 of the MCU series is now streaming on Disney+.

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