Marvel Debate Arises on TikTok: Who Really Broke the Multiverse?

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The MCU has finally opened the concept of the multiverse in a deeper perspective and with all the shows and movies that has been released, the question on who really broke it ends up in a debate arising on TikTok. Was it Wanda, Loki, Doctor Strange, Sylvie, Spider-Man, or Uatu The Watcher?

Marvel Debate Arises on TikTok: Who Really Broke the Multiverse?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Marvel Debate Arises on TikTok: Who Really Broke the Multiverse?

It is a great question, indeed. With everything that has been released for the Fourth Phase of the MCU, most of the shows and films delve into a deeper understanding of what the multiverse holds and how to be able to control it. TikTok user dopestgeek puts the debate on the platform and he used the Parks and Recreation audio to present it. (Click here for the video link.)

In the video, the last one is Doctor Strange who admits to breaking the multiverse. Still, there is the factor that he would’ve not done it without Spider-Man’s plea of help. Also, Wanda was introduced as a Nexus being in WandaVision, hinting that he has something to do with the multiverse cracking open.

And then, there is Loki and Slyvie who literally opened the various multiverses by letting alternate timelines branch out, one which He Who Remains prevented ever since. There, the multiverse branched out into different realities, sending variants to live their own lives.

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What If..? has an interesting concept. Uatu The Watcher has been watching various alternate realities throughout his existence which meant that there were always the branched timelines where things could have or should have happened but destiny had other plans. He broke an oath to never interfere and he selected who among the heroes would be the Guardians of the Multiverse.

All these points lead to the multiverse cracking open and being broken. While it is yet to be clear whoever really broke the multiverse, here are all the possible candidates. Fans are pointing to who they think did it and every one of them had valid arguments because, really, who did it?

WandaVision, Loki, and What If..? are all streaming on Disney Plus. Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently in theaters.