Marvel Comics Removes Black Lives Matter Symbol From Spider-Man Cover

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Black Lives Matter has been a touchy subject for many. Minorities see it as a movement to not be killed by policemen while those against it are supposedly not racist but have mean things to say about these black people who want equal rights. It's a political issue and fans were happy to see Marvel Comics stand with them, even having the BLM first appear on the cover of Miles Morales: Spider-Man #9.

That's why many were upset when Marvel decided to remove the BLM fist without stating why. The move made it seem like that Marvel is backpedaling from what they said before and want their comics to be distant from politics, even though comic books have always been political. I mean, how can anyone read a comic about the X-Men and think to themselves that this is just a story with pretty pictures?

What makes the move even odder is that Miles Morales: Spider-Man had been tackling these kinds of political issues head-on, while still participating in the superhero fluff. For Pete's sake, the first arc revolved around minorities getting deported and Miles not knowing how to help, despite all his powers. If any comic should have proudly used the BLM logo, it's this one.

ScreenRant did say that Marvel Comics tends to remove third party logos so that they don't get sued. That being said, this is an old comic that came out last year so why would Marvel go out of their way to remove the logo, especially with the recent George Floyd protests? It's sad if Marvel thinks they need money from those that don't support what's right.


Miles Morales: Spider-Man #9 is now available on digital stores, though you may want to hunt down a physical issue to have the BLM fist.

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