25 Mar 2021 4:17 PM +00:00 UTC

Marvel Comics Has A New Distributor: Penguin Random House

Marvel Comics continues and lives one as they found a new distributor to put up the copies of Marvel Comic into the comic shops and it is, lo and behold, Penguin Random House.

Marvel and Penguin Random House just signed an exclusive multi-year deal for Penguin Random House to distribute Marvel comics, trade collections, and graphic novels to the market in comic book shops. This will be starting in October this year as they contracted with Penguin Random House Publisher Services, the division of Penguin Random House for distribution.

Marvel Comics Has A New Distributor: Penguin Random House
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Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel comics will be available continuously and they will be in almost all comic shops every Wednesday. The comics, trade collections, and graphic novels of Marvel will now be distributed to the Direct Market.


Penguin Random House Publisher Services was chosen by Marvel with the goal of creating a sustainable production of the prints of Marvel, a productive supply chain of the comics and print materials, and an amplified and enhanced infrastructure of the publications of Marvel which will be beneficial especially for the fans and readers of the Marvel publications, and for the comics retailers, and this would go on for years

In the announcement of Marvel, they said, "Penguin Random House is known for its state-of-the-art multi-ranging services that enable independent booksellers to increase efficiency and profitability."

Marvel reiterated that the history of Marvel is from the stories they tell and have told in decades since the inception of the comics. They recognized the importance of comic shops in sharing the stories that they tell to the public. The President of Marvel Entertainment, Dan Buckley, said that "Comics are the core of the Marvel Universe, and we are confident this new partnership will continue to grow and evolve this resilient industry."

True enough, the MCU that we love is based on the comics that have been going on for decades. If not for the comics, there wouldn't be such an amazing pool of stories to translate into both films and series.

What happens now to the previous distributor of Marvel since 1977, Diamond? Readers could still get copies from them and order through them.

Geppi Family Enterprises (GFE) holds the brand of Diamond Comic Distributors. In response to the announcement of Marvel, Steve Geppi, the Chairman, President, and CEO of Geppi Family Enterprises, released a statement saying that the relationship they have with Marvel for almost 4 decades is valuable to them and that they will continue to sell the publications of Marvel to the Direct Market.

Geppi added that the change "represents a behind-the-scenes shift in how Diamond interacts with Marvel for certain products" but that change doesn't mean that they will discontinue. Diamond ensures that this will not affect their ability to supply their customers with Marvel publications such as comics, trades, and graphic novels.


The effect of this is that Geppi expects a change on the discount terms they have with their retail partners and they assure that any information regarding the adjustments will be communicated to their customers in advance.

Geppi ends the statement saying that he and his leadership team stays committed to make this supply change as smooth as possible for their retail partners and that they are looking forward on Diamond's continuous distribution of the Marvel products.

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