Marvel Studios Changes Policy to Prevent Massive Spoiler Leaks

For the past few years, we've seen an alarming trend where spoilers from upcoming MCU films and TV shows were leaking early before their premiere. This certainly has upset some fans who would have loved to watch them without having any knowledge about the surprises that they have in store.

It is unlike way back when Marvel Studios were successfully able to keep most of their spoilers a surprise to the audience and keep all the key information internally within the studio before they unveil it to the global audience.

Now, to prevent situations like this to happen in upcoming projects, Marvel Studios has recently made some changes to their policy to prevent spoiler leaks according to vice president of production and development Nate Moore in a recent interview with Deadline's Crew Call podcast.

The executive discussed their test screening process, which is what most have attributed as the reason why some spoilers were able to leak online before the release since several Disney employees are usually invited to see them in advance.

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"Yeah, so essentially, not to get too much in the soup, but all Disney employees, they get an email blast, ‘Do you want to see a screening?’ They never know what it is," he shared.

Moore revealed that employees used to bring their friends along with them during the test screenings. However, due to the recent situation, they are tightening up their policy again.

"And they could bring friends. I think we tightened up a bit, because frankly, people leak and it sort of ruins it for everyone. But they show up, and then we say, we literally have the same guy who asks the questions. His name’s Andy, he’s fantastic," he continued.

"And he goes out front and he says, ‘You’re one of the first audiences to see pictured movie, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. And sometimes people are really surprised, ‘Oh, that’s the one I wanted to see.’ And sometimes, they’re really confused, ‘What’s Eternals about?’"

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The Marvel Studios executive also clarified that the attendees of each screening are usually "small" and they usually happen around three to four times in each project.

He added, "And it’s small. It’s not a 350, 360 body screening, it’s typically between 80 to 100. And we do that three to four times a movie, I would say."

"And the only comps we use are our movies. So we can kind of see how it’s fallen between Iron Man and Captain America, you know what I mean? We’re not trying to comp off of Creed, or Speed Racer, or things that aren’t our movies, which is helpful for us, just to see where things are landing."

It is not surprising to hear that Marvel Studios is now changing their policy since the trend has become alarming and the audience no longer gets surprised whether it's the Illuminati members or the return of the former Spider-Mans since they already get leaked online prior to their releases.

Let's wait and see whether this new policy will be effective in their upcoming projects. Hopefully, we won't see it anymore so that we can go back to the days when we can genuinely get surprised about the spoilers.

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The next MCU film Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is set to release in theaters this February 17. You can check more details about it here.

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