Marvel Boss Admits Taika Waititi's Ideas Tend to Go 'A Little Too Far'

There's no denying that Taika Waititi felt like a breath of fresh air when he first joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe and there's a good reason why 2017's Thor: Ragnarok ended up becoming a massive success. Turning the God of Thunder from a serious hero to a more laid-back character was a creative decision that was initially deemed questionable by many but it ultimately helped reinvigorate Chris Hemsworth's titular character.

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However, it seemed like Waititi went overboard with his handling of the character in Thor: Love and Thunder which became as divisive as Thor: The Dark World. A lot of fans thought the film, while visually stunning was overly comedic and it's a far cry from Ragnarok which had the right balance of humor and action.

Admittedly, Marvel Studios' Director of Visual Development Andy Park thinks that while Waititi is a fun director to work with, his ideas tend to be too much at times. Speaking with SyFy, Park explains: "It was really fun to get back into the Thor world with Taika because I know when I work with him, I'm in for a ride. He’s so much fun. He's constantly joking around and he's really just entertaining [Laughs]."

He continued: "But his ideas are very extreme and out there. He's not scared to try something. There might be times when we're scared [and say] 'Ahhh, I don't know…that might be a little too far design-wise.' So he'll like push us to be like, 'Hey, let's go there.' Whether that becomes the design or we pivot back a little bit, we wouldn't have found this pivot without going to the extreme. That’s Taika pretty much in a nutshell."

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We're not sure if the mixed reception Love and Thunder received will put Taika's MCU directing future in jeopardy but if he'll return for Thor 5, he might want to turn the volume down and revert back to his Thor: Ragnarok formula. I mean, if it ain't broke, right?

Thor: Love and Thunder is streaming on Disney+.

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