Marvel Artist Recreates Captain Marvel Cover Depicting Brie Larson As A Jedi Knight

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It's no secret that Brie Larson is a huge Star Wars fan so it's no surprise that Marvel Comics artist Joe Quinones decided to honor the Captain Marvel star with some amazing art. The new spin on Quinones' iconic Captain Marvel cover actually shows Larson as a Jedi Knight.

Quinones shared the new cover on his official Twitter account. Check it out below.

The original cover for Captain Marvel Volume 7 #10 which was released back in 2013 actually shows Carol Danvers looking up at the sky in her suit and a bomber jacket. Quinones had created an updated version of the cover which shows Larson's likeness late last year. However, the more recent is an obvious nod to Larson's own love for Star Wars.

The Avengers: Endgame actress had previously admitted that she wishes she could wield a lightsaber like her Captain Marvel co-star Samuel L. Jackson. The official Star Wars Twitter account had reacted to Larson's enthusiasm. It was later revealed that Larson was invited to the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland where yes, she was able to wield a lightsaber.

Although it's still unclear if Larson will appear in a Star Wars movie anytime soon, there is a huge chance that she will reprise her role as Carol Danvers in the future Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Larson is expected to return in Captain Marvel 2 as well as other MCU Phase 4 movies.

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