Marvel Announces The Death of Rocket Raccoon

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Death comes to all comic book characters, whether they are members of the supporting cast or important heroes who have their own books. Sadly, it looks like Rocket Raccoon is about to join everyone who has gone to the great beyond as Marvel has announced The Death of Rocket Raccoon, Donny Cates' new arc for his Guardians of the Galaxy comic book.

What did you guys think this was about? announced the title of the arc when hyping up some comic books coming out this July, so a title like that is going to get a lot of attention. Rocket isn't in the current roster of Guardians, with only Star-Lord and Groot making it from the movie lineup, though he is playing a big part in the bi-weekly series Avengers: No Road Home.

Rocket is also going to play a big role in Avengers: Endgame, where he and Nebula are the only surviving members of the Guardians. He definitely wants to kill Thanos (who doesn't?), especially after what happened to Groot and the rest of his friends. Nebula will also want to kill him since Thanos killed her sister and didn't even do it with the snap.

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Credit: Marvel Comics

The current Guardians of the Galaxy arc has our group looking for this "new" Thanos that the Mad Titan supposedly left behind. It's not yet clear how this "new" Thanos will come to be but expect a lot of mayhem to come from it.

Guardians of the Galaxy #7, which starts The Death of Rocket Raccoon, comes out this July.

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