Marvel Animation is Getting New Content This April

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The novel coronavirus outbreak might have delayed the release of highly-anticipated Marvel movies and suspended the production of upcoming projects, but that doesn't mean that Marvel's going to leave fans empty-handed while staying in self-isolation thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Posting on its own website, Marvel has announced the upcoming release of new Marvel Animation content on the Marvel YouTube channel, Marvel HQ. Celebrating its first million subscriber milestone, Marvel announces the release of Marvel HQ hits like Marvel Super Hero Adventure's "Family Friendly."


The new episode features Spider-Man teaming up with Black Panther to deal with Absorbing Man who destroys a bridge and separates children from their parents.

There's also Marvel Lego: Maximum Overload. The video that Marvel release for the series contains all of the shows episodes.

Marvel also has Marvel Superhero Adventures "Cloudy with a Chance of Smiles," an episode featuring more adventures with Spider-Man.

The first five episodes of Marvel Super Hero Adventures are going to premiere on Marvel HQ on April 9, giving children a taste of Spider-Man's many adventures. Then, after that, Marvel is planning to release the fourth installment of Bend and Flex. From April 13 to April 20, Marvel plans to release full-length Venom-centric episodes from the first two seasons of Marvel's Spider-Man. On April 18, the studio plans to release a Best of Venom installment titled "Top 10 Venomous Quips."

Then on April 20 fans are going to see "How to Talk llike Venom," a video featuring Venom actor Ben Pronsky.

Looks like Marvel fans really are going to be busy this month.

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