30 Jul 2021 11:36 AM +00:00 UTC

Marvel Accused of Directing Fans' Attention Away From Scarlett Johansson Controversy

Credit: Marvel Studios

The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom is still in a state of disbelief after it was reported that Black Widow actress Scarlett Johansson filed a lawsuit against Disney for the Premier Access distribution of her standalone MCU film. Johansson's camp is accusing the House of Mouse of committing a breach of contract with regard to the project's release scheme. To put it simply, they are claiming that Black Widow being made available on streaming hurt its box office potential.

Disney has since denied all allegations thrown by Scarlett's party and even made a counter of their own. We still don't know where this shocking development will lead but it sure sent shockwaves to the Marvel universe.

Coincidentally, just a few minutes after the issue was made public on social media, Marvel Studios released a brand new trailer for their upcoming animated series What If...? which premieres this August on Disney+. The timing of it seemed a little too fishy to a lot of fans and most of them are convinced that the studio dropped content in an obvious attempt to direct the attention away from Scarlett's issue but turns out, it spread like wildfire and everyone was already buzzing about it.

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Johansson has yet to make an official statement regarding the matter but it's pretty evident that the controversy has already blown out of proportion. It'll be interesting to see how she will answer back to Disney's claims and something tells me that this issue is far from over. But man, I'm hopeful that cooler heads will prevail in the end because the two camps wouldn't want to burn bridges and throw away over a decade of working relationship.

Black Widow is still streaming via Disney+'s Premier Access.