Martin Scorsese Reveals the Reason Why He Wants to Meet with Disney

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Critically-acclaimed director Martin Scorsese caused quite a ruckus last year when he revealed that he didn't really think of Marvel movies as cinema, describing the comic book movie franchise as an amusement park instead. The Taxi Driver director's comments on the Marvel Cinematic Universe stirred quite some outrage online with some criticizing Scorsese. Of course, there were also others, fans, and celebrities, who came out agreeing with Scorsese's thoughts on the franchise.

Now, it seems like Scorsese hopes to meet with Disney.


Speaking in an interview with The New York Times to help promote his new movie, The Irishman, the director got to talking about heading over to Disney to discuss his nonprofit organization. According to Scorsese, he hopes to speak with Disney to talk about the Film Foundation, an organization whose goal is to preserve and restore classic movies.

"Then all this came up," the filmmaker shared with The New York Times, "So, we'll have a lot to talk about."

There's also been news about Disney wanting to meet with Scorsese, so it seems like the feeling is mutual. We can only wonder what the Mickey Mouse House would want with The Irishman director – would they offer Scorsese a director's seat in one of its future projects? That seems very likely, though we can't be entirely sure how Scorsese might react to that. It would really add some fire to the discussions that were sparked by the filmmaker's comments on Marvel movies.

What do you think of Scorsese meeting with Disney? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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