Martin Scorsese Reportedly Sees Potential In DC Universe Despite Controversial Comment

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The Last Temptation of Christ director Martin Scorsese was caught up in a bit of a controversy when he commented on comic book movies not being "cinema." However, it might be confusing for most people since Scorsese was involved with the making of the movie Joker.

If you aren't aware yet, Martin Scorsese was one of the producers involved with Todd Phillips' Joker which was just recently released in theaters. Scorsese's comment might be seen as hypocritical considering that a movie like Joker is associated with the comic book company, DC.


The Hollywood Reporter says that a Warner Bros. source revealed to them about Scorsese's involvement in the movie. As it turns out, despite his controversial comments, he is said to have originally eyed Joker as "a potential directing vehicle" even before Todd Phillips approached the studio to make his own take for the villain.

However, Scorsese is said to be included only because they needed a producer who was based in New York City. This resulted in Emma Tillinger Koskoff hiring most of the staff and crew from The Irishman, Scorsese's movie, to film the movie.

THR made a point about Scorsese's surprising involvement in the film since Scorsese would only want to produce a movie if he gets to be hands-on with it or if he wants to support indie filmmakers. The outlet thinks it doesn't line up since Joker doesn't fit with the given circumstances. It was also said that Scorsese quietly departed from the project, leaving his producing partner to take over.

The outlet also mentioned previous theories about Scorsese, saying that his involvement was an effort to convince Leonardo DiCaprio to take the part. DiCaprio starred in Scorsese's films like The Departed and The Wolf of Wall Street. However, some reports confirm that Todd Phillips was only interested in Joaquin Phoenix to play the role.

Joker is now showing in theaters.

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