Martin Scorsese Says He Doesn’t 'Even Know Marvel'

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Critically-acclaimed director Martin Scorsese caused quite a ruckus last year when he criticized Marvel Cinematic Universe, revealing how he didn't think of Marvel movies as "cinema" but instead as "amusement parks."

Now, the filmmaker behind films like The Irishman and Taxi Driver admits that he doesn't really know who the different heroes of the MCU are. He doesn't really care to either. Scorsese just recently joined a director's round table with The Hollywood Reporter, and during the gathering, the filmmaker decided to give candid answers to the criticism that came his way when he made his original comments about comic book movies.

When the host tries to clarify the discussion by implying that the filmmaker directly criticized the MCU, Scorsese elaborates on his comments saying that "I said superhero films, I never – I don't even know Marvel. I remember Marvel was a comic book."


Still, Scorsese insists that superhero movies are more like theme-park rides than actual cinema. That doesn't necessarily mean that the comparison is all that bad though.

"I remember when Disneyland was built, I'm that ancient. One of the aspirations of the studios was to become as important in a sense to American culture as Disneyland," the filmmaker explained.

In a way, Scorsese is kind of right. Comparing a movie-making machine to Disneyland doesn't really sound all that outrageous when you take it that way.

Still, Marvel fans would probably scoff at the fact that Scorsese doesn't really know much about the MCU and that he thinks that Marvel still has to do only with comics.

Phase 4 of the MCU begins when Black Widow releases on May 1, 2020.

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