Martin Scorsese Clarifies ALL Superhero Films are Theme Parks, Not Just Marvel

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Legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese had found himself at the butt of internet scrutiny when he came out to say that Marvel films are "theme parks" to him and not cinema. What's funny is, during a directors' roundtable discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, he clarifies that all comic book films—not just Marvel— fall under the same umbrella with Scorsese.

When asked to clarify his comments about Marvel films, Scorsese said, "I said superhero films. I don't even know Marvel." Here's the isolated clip:

What's funny is, Scorsese even says it in front of Joker director Todd Phillips, whose film was heavily influenced by Scorsese's work. Not too long ago, Scorsese has also commented that he has no plans on watching Joker in full, and sees no need to watch the film at all.


While a lot of people are going wild over Scorsese's comments on these big box office films, I think the person that is least fazed by the issue is Scorsese himself. After all this discussion about his comments on the MCU, he goes out to say that he doesn't even know what Marvel is. I can only imagine all the angry people in the comments.

Either way, I always like to think that there's a more positive spin to Scorsese's thoughts on the comic book films. If you really get into the meat of what he was trying to say, it basically boils down to, "people should watch things in cinemas other than comic book films and blockbusters."

Scorsese seems to be adamant on his stance for now, and I think you'd be wasting your breath if you thought he would change his mind anytime soon. Catch his latest film, The Irishman, now on Netflix.

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