Mark Ruffalo Wants a 'Smart Hulk' Movie That Details His Pre-Endgame Origin

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Even though it was a bit weird and will result in us never seeing The Immortal Hulk in the MCU ever, Smart Hulk was a pleasant surprise in Avengers: Endgame. Giving us a reality where Banner and Hulk managed to make peace, while also being adored by the public at large, was a nice moment in a pretty dark (for the MCU anyway) movie. However, despite all of that, a lot of us fans would have loved to see how Banner and Hulk came to this agreement.

As it just so happens, actor Mark Ruffalo is one of those people. Most of us know that there was a scene shot for Infinity War that had the two becoming one but the directors felt it was forced. However, now that Smart Hulk appears sometime after Thanos' snap, Ruffalo feels that this story can happen in a movie.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, Ruffalo said "That should have been its own movie. That's what I'm pitching actually, that section of time... like how did Banner become the Bulk?" He definitely brings up a good point since we want to see how this feared monster became loved by the public and the various obstacles that were likely put in his way, some possibly coming from Thunderbolt Ross.


Considering how Black Widow is telling us a post-Civil War pre-Infinity War story, it wouldn't be too bad seeing an in-between Endgame tale. We have yet to see a solo Hulk movie starring Mark Ruffalo, which likely has to do with issues surrounding a prior deal with Universal, but this movie would be fun to see.

Will we ever see a Smart Hulk origin movie? That's doubtful. Then again, anything is possible with the MCU being so open these days. In the meantime, we have Black Widow coming out in November.

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