Mark Ruffalo Trolls Chris Evans With Hilarious 4th Of July Video

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Happy Fourth of July! While the rest of America is celebrating with fireworks and a chance to see Spider-Man: Far From Home, Mark Ruffalo chooses to honor America's independence by looking at equally impressive things like Captain America's ass.

Ruffalo posted an awesome video on his official Twitter account. Check it out below.

That's a real scene from Not Another Teen Movie which starred Chris Evans as a popular football player that falls in love with a "uniquely rebellious girl." (If that sounds like just about every teen movie from the 90s, that's exactly the point). While Evans' character doesn't actually look at a photo of America's Ass, he does admire a picture of himself admiring his own picture mounted on the wall. (That's not a typo, you can check it out for yourself below).

It's a hilarious edit that gets even better when you see the two girls following Evans' character and fawns over the image of America's Ass. It might not be a traditional way to celebrate the Fourth of July but it's still awesome.


Evans had previously poked fun at his own butt at ACE Comic-Con. When a fan asked him to pose with her slogan referencing Captain America's backside, he hilariously obliged in the photo op.

Fans actually got to enjoy Captain America's best asset in the previous weekend when Avengers: Endgame was re-released to theaters. The film is already gaining on Avatar and is reportedly $20 million away from breaking the movie's record. If you're wondering why you should see Endgame again for the 174th time, the answer could be nothing less than America's Ass.

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