Mark Ruffalo Seemingly Confirms Hulk is Joining Moon Knight Series

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In case you missed it, everyone is freaking out over Mark Ruffalo possibly returning as Bruce Banner in Moon Knight. But is it truly happening? The Avengers: Endgame star has finally addressed the reports and he may have confirmed that the Hulk is in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe series.

It's no secret that Moon Knight is currently being filmed in Budapest and there has been photo evidence confirming that Ruffalo is in Hungary right now. The images are even more damning as they reveal Ruffalo is staying in the same hotel as Oscar Isaac.

So is it true that Ruffalo is in Budapest to shoot some scenes for Moon Knight? The news has reached the Avengers: Infinity War star and he is trying his best to choose his words carefully.

"As the person who's responsible for this next phase of the MCU, I would hate to spoil something. I have learned the hard way," Ruffalo tweeted.


Now where do we go from here? Ruffalo clearly knows something is up but is choosing not to make a comment. On the other hand, the idea that he's worried about spoiling anything also suggests that there is something that could get leaked. With that in mind, we're keeping a close eye on Ruffalo.

For now, it is unclear if Ruffalo is showing up in Moon Knight. However, he is already confirmed to appear in She-Hulk. Both shows have not yet been given an official release date but are expected to air on Disney+ by next year.

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