Mark Hamill Responds to Fan Who Assumes He Disdains Star Wars: The Last Jedi Writer/Director Rian Johnson

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Mark Hamill always seems to find himself in conversations about Star Wars: The Last Jedi to explain his supposed hatred towards the treatment Luke Skywalker got in the film. In a recent tweet, he clarified how he really feels about Rian Johnson after a fan claimed he had "disdain" for the writer and director of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens sequel.

The fan referred to Hamill's recent tweet where he talks about Luke being a role model to kids around the world. He appears to have interpreted the actor's remark as a dig at Johnson.

Hamill's tweet in question reads: "It's an awesome responsibility I don't take lightly. Thankfully, Luke is the role model-not me. It's wonderful George Lucas created a character so optimistic, is devoted to positive values & acts selflessly for the good of others. Kids need role-models in these challenging times."

The fan then retweeted it, saying, "Every time Mark opens his mouth it's clearer how much disdain he has for Rian Johnson." Hamill didn't take long to correct him though, saying, "Not so. Even when we disagreed, I respected him as a filmmaker & a friend."

Indeed, fans can't help but admire Hamill not only for his passion for the franchise and love for the Star Wars community but also for the professionalism he has demonstrated all throughout. After all, the controversy surrounding the film can sometimes feel like it never ends and continues to follow him everywhere.


However, the beloved actor did admit that he regrets being too vocal about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. To make things worse, his statements are sometimes taken out of context or manipulated to support a particular view.

Either way, he is not one to deny that he and Johnson didn't agree about his character's direction in the second and most divisive film in the franchise.

Thankfully, regardless of his fate in The Last Jedi, Hamill will return as Luke in Star Wars: Episode IX. The film is supposed to bring the three trilogies together and mark the end of the Skywalker saga.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits the cinemas December 20.

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