Mark Hamill Recalls Initial Thoughts About Star Wars: 'It Felt Like a Parody'

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Credit: Lucasfilm

I think we can all agree that the Star Wars franchise launched Mark Hamill's career to the stratosphere and even the acting legend himself has long credited his involvement in the George Lucas epic for making him the bonafide actor that he is today.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

But just like any actor who's venturing into the unknown, Hamill admittedly had his doubts about playing Luke Skywalker in the science-fiction series. During the early stages of his casting, the 71-year-old actor recalls having a lot of questions about Star Wars and Lucas' actual vision for it.

Taking to Twitter, Mark revealed that the whole casting experience pretty much felt like "a parody of sci-fi" but he was absolutely game for the ride. Sharing a viral audition tape of him and co-star Harrison Ford, who would successfully play Han Solo in the franchise, Hamill took a trip down memory lane and explained what the whole process was like.

He wrote: "At this point, neither of us had read the full script, only this one scene. I was full of questions, but George said "Let's just try one & we'll talk about it later." Even though it felt like a parody of sci-fi, I decided to play it as sincerely as possible. #TrueStory" Check it out here:

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Thankfully, Hamill was able to set his inhibitions aside because I can't imagine how things would have been if he didn't agree to play the role of Luke. The same goes for every actor involved in the original trilogy.

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