Mark Hamill On The Best Advice That He Can Give Star Wars Fans

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Mark Hamill's always been pretty active on social media. A joker by heart (pun intended), the Star Wars legend has the habit of pulling pranks on the Star Wars franchise, misleading gullible fans on purpose by playing up on all the wild theories that go around online.

Hamill just recently decided to join the latest trend and answer the question "Share your best advice in 4 words or less," and as usual the actor's post has been nothing less than entertaining.

Taking to Twitter to share his own response to the "Share your best advice in 4 words or less" trend, the Star Wars legend shared a picture of his younger self with a shocked look on his face. In his hands is a photo of Princess Leia (the late Carrie Fisher) smooching Han Solo (Harrison Ford) in what obviously is a scene from Star Wars: Episode VI – The Empire Strikes Back.

"Always expect the unexpected," Hamill wrote in his post.


While Han and Leia getting together wasn't as shocking as Luke Skywalker would expect, the expression on Hamill's face is still priceless.

Star Wars fans have been busy sharing their own advice on Hamill's post – for the past few days, social media has been their only respite without a trailer or title for Star Wars: Episode IX to keep the hype going. Sure, both the trailer and title for Lucasfilm's third and final sequel trilogy entry may be expected to release during this year's Star Wars Celebration in April, but that's still two weeks away.


It's still going to be a long wait.

Star Wars: Episode IX premieres December 20, 2019.

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