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Mark Hamill Has the Perfect Response to Big Bird Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

Credit: Lucasfilm

It may seem like the world is starting to re-embrace normalcy nearly two years after the COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves all across the globe but the threat of the virus is still looming and truth be told, we aren't free from it just yet. Of course, we can thank all the health and medical breakthroughs — from vaccines to pills for giving us a glimmer of hope that we're approaching the end of the pandemic. This is why a lot of well-known personalities are still encouraging everyone to get vaccinated to help fight the spread of the life-threatening virus which has taken millions of lives worldwide.

Turns out, characters from the hit children's show Sesame Street like Big Bird and Elmo have already joined the campaign to enlighten everyone, especially the skeptics about vaccines and just how vital they are in helping to lessen the COVID-19 cases worldwide. The official Twitter pages of the said characters have tweeted out that they've gotten the vaccine shot while also promoting the importance of getting the booster shots.

Unsurprisingly, the skeptics aka the so-called "anti-vaxxers" are taking an issue with the Big Bird and company for promoting vaccination and asserting their influence on children about the matter. Some of them are even convinced that it's one giant political propaganda.

After the issue blew up, Star Wars legend Mark Hamill took to Twitter to air his sentiments regarding Big Bird's "controversial" COVID-19 vaccine shot, and the social media savvy actor had the perfect response for the people attacking the lovable fellow. He sarcastically wrote: "Outrageous! Next thing you know he'll be telling children to look both ways before they cross the street."

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I honestly still don't get why a lot of people choose to stay misinformed about the COVID-19 vaccines and opt to believe all the conspiracy theories surrounding it when research has already proven its efficacy. Instead of being a united front against the virus, we're still divided but I guess that's just how the way it is.

Meanwhile, you can get your Star Wars fix over at Disney+.

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