Marc Guggenheim Teases Trip Through TV History in Legends of Tomorrow Episode

Credit: The CW Network

Credit: The CW Network

Tuesday, May 26, sees the release of Legends of Tomorrow's "The One Where We're Trapped on TV" episode. Hinted in the title, this episode will scatter Charlie's Waverider teammates throughout different popular TV shows, including Friends, Star Trek, and Downton Abbey. This episode also marks Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim's television directorial debut, teasing an "inventive" and heartfelt episode.

"It's Friends,Star Trek [and] Downton Abbey, with a bit of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood thrown in for good measure," Guggenheim told TVLine. "What was so much fun about working on these little homages was we shot each one true to the spirit of those individual shows."

They shot Friends with a set that was "like the proscenium, multi-camera set for a half-hour comedy." They had 3 cameras, staging it like how Friends would stage an episode. Downton Abbey was shot with long lenses and "they went handheld" in kitchen scenes.

"With Star Trek, it's a lot of dollies and sort of dramatic push-ins," he added. "So we really tried to not just make it look like the individual shows, but really make them feel [like the shows]."

Guggenheim went all-in with spoofing these shows. In the "Star Trip" montage, they did an old-school technique that he believes ILM did for Star Wars, where the camera is moved but not the ships, creating an illusion that the object is moving.

This is one of the most-anticipated Legends episodes amongst fans and based on Guggenheim's comments, it looks like it'll live up to the expectations.

Legends of Tomorrow's "The One Where We're Trapped on TV" airs on May 26, Tuesday, at 9 p.m. ET/PT

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