Man Recreates Amazing Magic: The Gathering Art With LEGOs

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Image credit: Paul Hood/Flickr

We've seen Magic: The Gathering fans create some cool stuff inspired by their favorite trading card game. From Planeswalker cosplays to crafts using spare cards, there's a lot of things to appreciate from fans who cast their spell of creativity for the epic fantasy franchise. One of the most aspiring aspects of the game is the art featured in the cards, and now, artistic LEGO builder Paul Hood has recreated various Magic art using LEGO pieces


Old cards like Skull of Orm and Time Bomb get their own LEGO versions as well as newer cards like Thing in the Ice and Final Reward. Even a banned card in Modern (Gitaxian Probe) gets a LEGO art. Check the gallery out: 


I wish you can actually get promo cards featuring these artworks but Wizards probably won't consider that due to copyright restrictions. 


What do you think about these Magic-inspired LEGO art? 

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