MAMAMOO: Hwasa Reportedly 'Wept' When Shin Dong Yup Got Married

Credit: MAMAMOO/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MAMAMOO/YouTube Screenshot

In 2019, two MAMAMOO members made an appearance on DoReMi Market (Amazing Saturday). Hwasa and Solar, alongside other celebrity guests, participated in the show’s episode, wherein a “secret” was revealed.

Koreaboo recently reported that the secret involved the Maria singer, as well as Shin Dong Yup.

During the engagement, the hosts pointed out that Hwasa could not make eye contact with the South Korean personality because she was shy. As it happened, the K-pop idol has long admired him since she was a child.

Admiration For Shin Dong Yup Since Childhood

The MAMAMOO member shared that she always thought of Shin Dong Yup as “cool.” Upon sharing her thoughts, though, the South Korean comedian revealed a surprising secret of hers.

He said that Hwasa “wept” when he tied the knot. The television personality noted that he had only heard it before, and the K-pop idol was only 11 years old at that time.

Shin Dong Yup, later on, conceded, however, that it was only a coincidence. He said that Hwasa just happened to be crying when he got married.

Reports said that no one knows whether the celebrity was serious or joking. Whatever the case, though, everyone seemingly had a good laugh during the episode.

Hwasa Makes Comeback With Guilty Pleasure

In other related news, Hwasa recently made a comeback in the music industry. She dropped her second single album, Guilty Pleasure, which houses three tracks.

The MAMAMOO member’s latest production follows her music collaborations from the previous months. She and Kinda Blue released I Can’t Make You Love Me on August 3, while her work with DPR Live for Hula Hoops dropped in July.

Hwasa made her debut in 2020 with Maria.

MAMAMOO and Their Feature Film

As part of their three-part come back for 2021, the four-member K-pop group recently hit the screens with their feature film. The MAMAMOO 2021 WAW Concert: The Movie premiered across South Korea on December 3.

The material showcases the performances of the MAMAMOO members’ WAW online concert. It was an event that took place last August, marking their seventh anniversary in the K-pop scene.

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