Maker Creates Physical Version of Pong and It's Awesome!

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Have you ever wanted to play Pong in real life? No, not ping pong, we are talking about the classic 1972 video game by Atari. Well, now you can, at least if you are Daniel Perdomo! Daniel, as well as Alvaro Salsamendi, and Constantino Voulgaris, made their dream a reality by painstakingly creating an air hockey arcade like version of Pong that plays just like the video game.

Watch the video of the Pong table in action below:

How did they do it? The video shows some details of the creation process, but doesn't go into great depth. It's amazing to see the Pong cube bounce back and forth across the table, which is seemingly controlled by magnets? The user input device is a round dial that lets the user move their paddle to the left or the right.

You can learn more about Daniel's project on his Facebook page. What do you think of this Pong table? Would you like to play one at an arcade? Leave us a comment below.