Magic: The Modern Metagame Overview Shows The Top 4 Decks Since The Latest Unbannings

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Photo: Wizards of the Coast/ Illus. by Ryan Barger

Want to know which Magic: The Gathering decks have risen in Modern since the unbannings of Bloodbraid Elf and Jace, The Mind Sculptor? is back with a detailed overview covering competitive events from February and March 2018. The last 8 events took place after the latest unbannings, so this provides a good contrast with the 6 pre-ban events in February. The overview reveals the Top 4 decks in the format based on results from Grand Prix, SCG Opens, MTGO Challenges and the Championship.

Check out the overview below:

Modern metagame overview pre/post-ban (x-post from /r/ModernMagic)

According to this overview, the Top 4 winning decks are Jund, Blue/Red Storm, Green/Red Ponza, and Green/Red Eldrazi, and the biggest losers are Grixis Death's Shadow and Burn. I'm surprised that Bogles wasn't mentioned here. It's good to know that Modern continues to have a diverse and healthy metagame despite the unbannings.

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