Magic: The Gathering's Emrakul is Back in Duel Masters Kings

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Emrakul, the "Aeons Torn", a.k.a. the most fearsome Eldrazi from the Blind Eternities of Magic: The Gathering's Multiverse is back in a recent episode of Duel Masters Kings. Episode 40 of Duel Masters is titled Kyoretsu Stimulating Cap! Final Tower Summit Battle!, and it was released in Tokyo TV in Japan.

A Redditor has shared a clip from the episode, revealing the Emrakul Duel Masters card.

emrakul in Duel masters kings episode 40

Here's the preview of the episode featured in the clip:

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Credit: Duel Masters Kings - Takara Tomy

The canon reason for Emrakul's appearance in the Japanese anime is that she is an interdimensional being that can cross-over into the Duel Masters universe.

Of course, the rules of Duel Masters are different Magic: The Gathering's, so Emrakul's abilities are quite different here. However, since Wizards of the Coast is involved in Duel Masters, it's not surprising to see the "Aeons Torn" featured in this Japanese anime, and it's not the first time she was featured in a Duel Masters card.

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Credit: Duel Masters

If you're wondering what this card does, here's an English translation of its text:

■ Triple breaker (This creature breaks 3 shields.)
■ When you summon this creature into the battle zone, take an extra turn after this one.
■ Whenever this creature attacks, your opponent chooses a total of 6 of their face up cards in the battle zone, shield zone, and mana zone and puts them into their graveyard.
■ Eternal Omega (When this creature would leave the battle zone, return it to your hand instead.)

Duel Masters was co-created by Takara Tomy and Wizards of the Coast. MTG head designer Mark Rosewater previously said on his podcast that Duel Masters was created because cards games are popular in Japan among 10-12-year-old boys, so they decided to make a simplified version of Magic for that market.