13 Feb 2020 10:59 AM +00:00 UTC

Magic: The Gathering World Championship XXVI Metagame Revealed

16 of the best Magic: The Gathering players from around the world will come together to compete in Standard Constructed and Theros Beyond Death Booster Draft this Friday for the World Championship XXVI in Honolulu, Hawaii for their share of the $1 million prize pool and the championship trophy.

On Wednesday night, Wizards of the Coast has revealed the Standard Constructed metagame of the World Championship, and the decklists of the competitors, and as you can see below, there are 4 players playing Temur Reclamation decks, 4 on Mono-Red Aggro, 4 playing Jeskai Fires, 3 Azorius Control, and 1 Jund Sacrifice deck.

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

Here are the 16 World Championship competitors, their Standard Constructed decks, and how they earned their seat in the highest level of MTG competition:

> Javier Dominguez: Jeskai Fires (2018 defending Magic Worlds champion)
> Autumn Burchett: Temur Reclamation (Mythic Championship I champion)
> Eli Loveman: Mono-Red Aggro (Mythic Championship II champion)
> Matias Leveratto: Temur Reclamation (Mythic Championship III champion)
>Thoralf Severin: Azorius Control (Mythic Championship IV champion)
> Jean-Emmanuel Depraz: Temur Reclamation (Mythic Championship V champion)
> Ondřej Stráský: Azorius Control (Mythic Championship VI champion)
> Piotr "Kanister" Głogowski: Jund Sacrifice (Mythic Championship VII champion)
> Chris Kvartek: Temur Reclamation (top-ranked Challenger)
> Raphaël Lévy: Jeskai Fires (second-ranked Challenger)
> Gabriel "Yellowhat" Nassif: Jeskai Fires (third-ranked Challenger)
> Sebastián Pozzo: Mono-Red Aggro (fourth-ranked Challenger)
> Andrea Mengucci: Mono-Red Aggro (top-ranked MPL player)
> Seth Manfield: Mono-Red Aggro (second-ranked MPL player)
> Márcio Carvalho: Jeskai Fires (third-ranked MPL player)
> Paulo Vitor Damo "PVDDR" da Rosa: Azorius Control (fourth-ranked MPL player)

You can check out the full decklists on WotC's website.

All three days of the World Championship will feature Standard Constructed, and only the first day will feature Theros Beyond Death Booster Draft.

The Magic World Championship XXVI will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii on February 14-16, and will stream live on Twitch.tv/magic. The total prize pool is $1 million with the winner getting $300,000 and a trophy.

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