Magic: The Gathering Reveals The Date of The Next Ban & Restricted Update

Wizards of the Coast has revealed when the next Magic: The Gathering ban and restricted update will be announced: Next week!

"In one week from this message on March 9th, there will be a Banned & Restricted list update," Wizards of the Coast said in the official Twitter account of Magic: The Gathering. "Mark your calendars! As previously announced, we plan to give advanced warning of any B&R updates going forward."

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Credit: Wizards of the Coast

It's likely that the Pioneer or Modern format will get an update, and many are saying that "Inverter of Truth" should be banned in Pioneer because of its archetype's dominance in the format, but we'll have to wait and see.

Last December, Wizards announced that there will no longer be scheduled B&R updates for Magic, but they expect changes to come in a similar pace, and the latest tweet about it confirms that they're sticking to that original plan. Updates will always be announced on Mondays while allowing flexibility in exact week of changes.

"This will let us be more agile and responsive with changes when needed while respecting the needs and timelines of competitive events," R&D developer Ian Duke explained. "We'll still do our best to avoid making changes to a format too soon before a major event so as not to negatively impact players' plans and preparations. That said, given the number of major events now being held nearly every weekend around the world, and the need to make sure we're addressing the health of formats in a timely manner, some conflicts may arise. We'll do what we can to give advance notice if we're able."

What cards do you think will get banned on March 9, 2020? Share your speculations in the comments section below.

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