10 Oct 2019 11:55 AM +00:00 UTC

Magic: The Gathering Q1 2020 MagicFest Schedule Will Be Announced Soon; GP NJ Revealed

Magic: The Gathering fans are already looking forward to going to big MTG events next year, and it looks the MagicFest organizer CFB Events will announce the schedule for the first quarter of the 2020 MagicFests soon.

On Wednedsday, CFB Events responded to a fan on Twitter, revealing that the schedule for the Q1 MagicFest events will be announced sometime mid-October, so expect them to reveal it by this weekend or next week.

This is excellent news for those planning to book hotels and plane tickets ahead so they can attend MagicFests early next year. There are only twelve MagicFests left to go this year with MagicFest Utrecht and MagicFest Bangkok happening this weekend, and it looks like one MagicFest in Q1 2020 has already been confirmed: MagicFest New Jersey.

According to the event schedule of the Meadowlands Exposition Center at Secaurus, New Jersey, MagicFest New Jersey 2020 will take place on January 24-26.

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