Magic: The Gathering Pro Travis Woo Suspended by The DCI For 1 Year

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This evening, Wizards of the Coast announced a large wave of suspensions, including the lifetime ban of Unsleeved Media's Jeremy Hambly (Click here to read more about that). Jeremy wasn't the only popular person in the Magic community who received a ban, however. Magic pro Travis Woo received a one year ban from the DCI for his involvement in the Magic for Bad Facebook group.

Official DCI list of suspended members

Elaine Chase, Wizards' Vice President of Global Brand Strategy, wrote a statement saying that the company is taking steps "to help foster a better, more inclusive Magic community. As part of this effort, today we took action against a number of players for violations of the Magic Code of Conduct."

On his Twitter page, Woo tweeted that he is appealing his suspension. His post included screenshots of the DCI email informing him of his suspension. According to the email, he was suspended for being a part of the Magic for Bad Facebook group.

Im ok. I will appeal. Any advocacy is appreciated at this time. Stay cool everyone. If this is for real i have other plans and it will be ok
— Travis Woo (@TravisWizard)
December 7, 2017

Last week, it was discovered that Woo created the Facebook group Magic for Bad, home to dozens of misogynist, racist, and sexist content. Last Friday, Metagame Gurus released a statement announcing that it was separating with Woo because of, but not limited to, his involvement with Magic for Bad.

Magic for Bad became public on November 28, when Magic player Emma Handy tweeted about the existence, pointing out the fact that the group held a "Pack 1, Pick 1" of women in the Magic community back in June.

(screenshots by HipstersoftheCoast)

In response, Woo shut the group down after its discovery, and apologized to the group in a YouTube video, revealing that he had "exposed some of [them] DCI investigations" and "had led [them] into a bad place."

This isn't the first time Travis Woo crossed the line. A couple of years ago, Channel Fireball dropped Woo as a content creator after talking about the merits of Adolf Hitler and Mein Kampf on his Twitch stream.

Woo also released a video about his suspension on his YouTube channel:

Travis Woo, a Gold Pro who finished second in last year's Draft Master race, was qualified for February 2018's Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan.

The story is still developing. We'll post updates as more information becomes available.

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