Magic: The Gathering Pauper Format is Getting Official Support & Updates

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Wizards of the Coast has announced that Pauper, the commons-only Magic: The Gathering format, will finally get official tournament support and some changes over the next several weeks as the company tries to unify the paper and digital versions of the format.

Here are the updates they're making with the Pauper format:

> Pauper will be listed as a format on our website.


> The Wizards Event Reporter will allow Pauper format events to be sanctioned at local stores and for large tournaments.

> Gatherer will officially support searching by Pauper legality on July 9.

> The definition of Pauper legality is expanding to include any card with a common printing in any paper or digital set. If the card is listed as a common on Gatherer from any set, it is legal in

In addition to the updates, they are also banning three cards in Pauper: "Hymn to Tourach", "Sinkhole", and "Hightide".

According to DailyMTG Content Manager Blake Rasmussen, the tabletop studio will observe the development of the updated Pauper format closely and will make any changes necessary at future regular banned and restricted announcement dates.

Magic Online will update the new format with its Core Set 2020 update and new leagues will begin starting July 2.

Core Set 2020 is set to be released on July 12, 2019. Core Set 2020 is also coming to Magic Arenaon July 2, with the preorder bundle for the set available now. The Core Set 2020 bundle in Arena includes a mythic rare Planeswalker card for Chandra as a bonus. Pre-release events will be held from July 5 to July 7.

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