Magic: The Gathering Panel Will Announce The 'Future of Commander'

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Commander Legends, the first-ever Magic: The Gathering Commander set, designed to be drafted is coming later this year, and fans will soon get to see new cards from the upcoming set.

Over on Twitter, Senior MTG Designer Gavin Verhey has announced that there will be a Commander-centric panel for the next CommandFest on August 22, and that they will reveal new cards from Commander Legends.

Verhey teased: "Do you want to hear about the future of Commander? How about see some cards from Commander Legends?!? And more??? Don't miss this panel next weekend at CommandFest Online, with Jules Robins and Ari Nieh! This is BIG. Ahhhh I AM SO EXCITED!!!"

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The panel will be livestramed on at 10 AM PT.


Are you excited to find out about the future of Commander? Let us know in the comments below.

Commander Legends is set to release sometime in Q4 2020. It will feature 70 brand new legends

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