Magic: The Gathering Mono-White Aggro Dominates Red Bull Untapped Qualifier 3

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This past weekend, 1091 players have joined the Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier 3, and after 8 rounds of Swiss play, and after the top 64 played in Day 2 of the Magic: The Gathering Arena tournament for a single elimination playoff, Hoshi Yoki emerged as the winner.

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Credit: Red Bull

The tournament's meta was full of Temur Reclamation decks, and only four players total played Mono-White Aggro in the third MTG Arena Red Bull Untapped Qualifiers with Yuki being the only Mono-White Aggro player to finish in the top 64. His record was 12-0-2, and he defeated Bant Ramp and Temur Reclamation in the top 8 to win.

Check out Yuki's decklist:

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Credit: Red Bull Untapped

Yuki's deck contains 16 one-drops for an aggressive go-wide strategy, and he uses anthem effects like Glorium Anthem, Basri's Solidarity, Venerated Loxodon, and Unbreakable Formation.


Here are the top 8 players and the Standard decks they played:

Hoshi Yuki: Mono-White Aggro
Quentin Leroy: Temur Reclamation
Thomas Holzinger: Temur Reclamation
Yuki Matsuda: Temur Reclamation
Kaname Yanase: Temur Reclamation
Chris Botelho: Temur Reclamation
Evgeniy Karpovskiy: Bant Ramp
Jerome Bastogne: Four-Color Reclamation

Mono-White Aggro may have won the entire tournament but Bant Ramp and Temur Reclamation took over the meta with a total of 380 decks with 21% of Untapped Qualifier 3 playing Temur Reclamation and 13% playing Bant Ramp.


Untapped Qualifier 4 will take place on August 8, and there will also be a UK Online Qualifier on July 26.

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